Gifts under 10€

Gifts for everyone
Gifts for everyone

December is approaching and so the ultimate rush to get all your gift on time!

As we will be spending Christmas away this year, I have planned way ahead and our cellar is filled with gifts since the end of October (and also because I have noticed prices going up from November on…).

But you still have time, or at least until the 13th of December 2016, to be sure to receive everything in time everywhere in the world you live (or hopefully so!)!

I have created selections of gifts you can shop based on price. I will present you each collection of gifts in the upcoming days.

Gifts under 10€

Earrings: ideal for a gift to you or to a friend or niece, these earrings are handmade with fine cotton, hand attached to their fixings (no glue), and the hooks are nickel free. 10€

Bracelet: ideal for a friend, these bracelets are a simple braid closed with a fun button, hand sew. 10€

Brooch: ideal to spice up a black coat, these brooches are handmade in sturdy matte cotton, sew to their fixing and dazzling. 9€

Hair-pin: ideal for any type of hair or cut, these nickel free hair-pins are made with fun colours and perfect for any girl in your life. 6.50€

Stitch Markers: handmade with fun charms, these stitch markers are snug free and good for any needle size. Perfect for all the knitters in your life! From 5.5€

From as little as 5.5€ to as high as 10€, you can cover with luscious handmade gifts all your loved ones!

And shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE!

Gift-A-Long 2016

This year I am happily participating to the Ravelry Indie Design 2016 Gift-A-Long!

All the numbers of this year GAL
All the numbers of this year GAL

Oh my, the joy and the excitement to be part of such a great bunch of people!

I had a look at all the amazing indie designer present in this year list: WOW!

Some name were known to me, others where new and what a wonderful discover!

Here is my personal selection (mainly based of personal preferences and because there are smiles in the pictures!):

A like Amanda Scheuzger, because those slip stitches are wow.

B like Brenda Green, because, you know, babies.

C like Casapinka, because, shawls, gorgeous shawls.

D like Dieuwke van Mulligen, because she’s super fun and her design are so ravishing.

E like Ela Torrente, because she’s Italian like me and her pulls are too gorgeous.

F like Francoise Danoy, because she’s so inspiring and chic that you cannot not love Frenchie.

G like Gabrielle Vézina, because, again, and again, shawls.

H like Holli Yeoh, because you must be brave to knit full gloves.

I like Irishgirlieknits, because, again, shawls.

J like Jane Richmond, because she’s one of the first designers I fell in love with many years ago.

K like Katy H. Carroll, for her smiles and her love of colours.

L like Larissa Brown, because I love geometry.

M like Marie Greene, because we all need chunky lace.

N like Nancy Whitman, because, again, I love geometry.

O like Olga Beckmann, because everyone needs fun hats.

P like Paola Albergamo, because we are both Italians, and she has an eye for details.

R like Robynn Weldon, because I support nieghbours, and besides being nearby she has wonderful taste.

S like me, Sara Maternini.

T like Tanja Osswald, because some crochet, sometimes, doesn’t hurt.

V like Vanesa Polo, because, again, we all need another shawl.

Y like Yuliya Tkacheva, because she has a certain love for grey.

Here you can find the complete map of all the designers participating to this year gift-a-long! 

The Gift-A-Long 2016 will begin tonight (in the middle of the night for us in Europe) with special discount code!

Have fun!

Knit a shawl this Christmas

Any one who ever knitted a shawl knows: shawl are addictive, fun and the most gratifying object one can knit!

They are also very useful, saving your throat and shoulder from drifts and cold winter days.

They are also very beautiful, airy and light.

They are a labour of love and patience!

A Tassel a Day, a knitting pattern
A Tassel a Day, a knitting pattern

A Tassel a Day is the first shawl I have ever designed. Fairly straightforward is perfect for the beginner: an alternation of plain, stripe and plain, to end with a simple lace. Born as a summer shawl, it can be easily turn in a quick winter gift using wool. Or buying one of the kits I have put together for you in Angora&Merino, Organic wool or Silk&Merino.

Bouncing off Clouds is an intricate short row and lace shawl. The look is elaborate, but the execution is again very straightforward. Working step after step, following clear instructions, you will end with a huge yet very light shawl! It’s the perfect romantic companion for this holidays!

Bouncing off Clouds, a knitting pattern
Bouncing off Clouds, a knitting pattern

These 2 shawl can be easily knit before Christmas.

Maybe Bouncing off Clouds is a bit of a stretch, but with a bit of effort it totally doable!

A Tassel a Day, especially if made in DK or Sport yarn is done in less then 1 week of evening knitting!

And you are still in time to buy one of our kits to make it with a luscious and dazzling yarn!

Christmas knitting: 2016 odyssey

We are a bit more then 6 week away from Christmas!

You still have a lot of time to knit all your Christmas presents (and you still have a few weeks to ask me to knit something for you!).

From next week on I will present you some of my patterns, old and new, in order of knitting hours you need to complete them!

You will have the time to knit them all before Christmas! They are usually quick and entertaining, so it will be a no stress journey🙂

You can also buy one of the kit I have put together in the past weeks (but you must order them by the 11th of December 2016). In order of knitting time, here are the kits:

  • A Tassel a Day, Linen and silk
    A Tassel a Day, Linen and silk

    A Tassel a Day kits are the perfect last minutes gift or the perfect last minute knit. These kits feature DK or Sport yarn, so the shawl will come together quite quickly: a few evening knitting it and you are done! The yarn starring in this kits are 100% natural, precious and a real luxury!

  • Les Galets de l'Ill
    Les Galets de l’Ill

    Pebbles Hat Knitting kit is a dazzling beanie made with the finest Italian wool and cashmere. A joy to knit and gift: quick, fun and entertaining is the perfect hasty knit you make at the last minutes🙂

  • Color me knots
    Color me knots

    Color me Knots kit give you the versatility and the speedy knitting you need at the real last minute! With all you need to make several hair-pins, brooches and earrings, with one kit you will be able to make gifts for 8 (yes, HEIGT) friends! And if you have doubts on how to smoothly attach the knots to the fixings, the pattern comes with instructional videos! And the kit (and pattern) is perfect for super beginners: you just need a very basic knowledge of knitting to make them!

If you buy one of my knitting kits be sure to order it before the 11th of December 2016: you will receive it before Christmas (and before I close for the holidays!).

And if you do not arrive in time, I have some cute Gist Certificate for you, available all year round🙂

Les Galets de l’Ill

My latest pattern, Les Galets de l’Ill, is a quick lace knit: a beanie perfect to knit as a Christmas gift!

Les Galets de l'Ill
Les Galets de l’Ill
Les Galets de l'Ill
Les Galets de l’Ill

Galets in French means pebbles. The lace on this hat reminds a lot of little rounded pebbles, shaped by crisp fresh water.

Like the water that flows from the spring of the river Ill, which gives its name to Alsace, the Region of France where I live.

This beanie is very quick to knit: an afternoon or so. And it comes in 3 sizes. So you can easily knitting it as a Christmas gift for the whole family!

Until the 1st of November 2016 there is apromotion: a flat 25% discount!

Do not miss it!





The summer of tassels

As I was putting the finishing touches to my newest patter, A Tassel a Day, I began noticing tassels everywhere!

First, Joji Locatelli published her magnificent Golden Sand. Check it out and buy it too, as she wrote for a wonderful charity!

Then Melanie Berg went bold with Malabrigo’s Rios Lehigh, a huge triangle wrap adorned with tassels.

Apparently tassels are hot this summer🙂

In my shawl pattern you can also find an easy tutorial on how to make your very own tassels🙂

Have fun: tassel away!